IDEXX Laboratories

IDEXX Laboratories first contacted us with an interest in having their surplus computers reused in a way that would benefit the community.  In the first month, they had donated more than 1200 PCs and were exploring ways to get more deeply involved.  Now - just two years later - over 14,000 pounds a month of computers, veterinary instruments, production scrap (electronic and metal) and everything from the IT department are being processed by ITE's sister nonprofit - eWaste Alternatives.

This has resulted in tremendous management and disposal cost reductions for IDEXX and a boone to our philanthropic efforts.  Asset value recovered in FY2012 alone subsidized more than $52,000.00 in program development and enabled another $30,000.00 in program participation fee reductions for nonprofits and low income families.

IDEXX leadership regularly engages ITE and eWaste Alternatives in their Annual Sustainability fair and related efforts and has proven themselves to be real leadership in positive change througout our community and for our environment.



Sustainability Partner